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Saturday, August 19, 2006


History News Network

History News Network

Interesting article about the divisions in Islam and in Judaism.

Here is a quote: Have Arabs and Muslims been so denunciated in the minds of so many Jews that we all just sit by--no, in fact, cheer on--the violence? If so, then what does this say about the state of Judaism (never mind the State of Israel) today? And what about the future of the oldest of the monotheistic religions?

His argument is that we have de-hunmanized the enemy. I would argue that the writer has not distinguished between "Jews" and Israelis. However I have to admit that most Jews fully support the Military Action that just took place in Israel.

Here is his response to one of the comments on his article:
Re: This is not a test of Judaism
(#93505)by Mark A. Levine on July 25, 2006 at 12:40 AM
Richard, I'd love to leave Judaism out of it, but I keep seeing people put it in. Your are likely right that the percentages supporting the war could change, and I hope they do--no, I hope the violence stops before it gets bad enough so that they do. But the fact that, barring the war "going badly" for Israel most Israelis and most Jews will continue supporting this is deeply troubling to me. I see Judaism, like any religion, as existing not on paper or just in its texts, but in the lived experiences and beliefs and actions of its adherents. Judaism is what Jews do, and so on for any other religion. From that perspective, I'm quite worried, and of course, I'd be worried if I was Christian or Muslim as well since neither of these religions are acquitting themselves very well at the moment from the standpoint of how the majority of people either are acting or are allowing others to act in the name of their faith without much protest. But as I'm not Christian or Muslim, I can only start by worrying about my own culture and hope others are doing the same.

I expect his response to me would be the same.


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