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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Pope and Muslims

treppenwitz: "Needless to say, peace-loving Muslims around the world entered the debate by immediately losing their collective minds and rioting, burning churches and threatening to launch suicide bombings against Christian targets... including the Pope.

So to review... when Muslims call practitioners (or leaders) of other religions, 'dogs', 'monkeys', 'pigs', etc... or compare non-Muslim religious leaders to mass murderers such as Hitler (his name should be obliterated), that is considered protected free speech. But let anyone say or write anything remotely critical of Islam... and out come the swords! Apparently, the sword of Islam cuts only one way."

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Same Tune, New Words

Top News Article | Reuters.com: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ihsan Saadeddin is proud to be an American. But he's tired of having to prove it just because he's a Muslim too."

Sounds just like my childhood. Just change Muslim to Jewish.


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